Bike Parkour San Francisco

Parkour San Francisco

If you see a bunch of Jackie Chan wannabes this weekend performing amazing stunt-man like tricks you’ve probably stumbled upon the annual SF Parkour International Jam.

The free three-day event brings together parkour enthusiasts and freerunners (known as “traceurs”) from all over the Bay Area to perform like urban ninjas, vaulting over walls and swinging from bars like they’re extras in a Rush Hour movie.

Relying solely on their own bodies to creatively overcome physical obstacles in a city environment quickly, efficiently and gracefully, keep a look out for these flying freerunners and their fast feet.

Friday-Sunday, June 24-26, 2016
All over the Bay Area

All skill levels – from expert ninjas to first-timers and even spectators – are welcome to attend. Please note, this won’t be a regular beginner day, but if you’re interested in parkour, definitely come out and watch some crazy urban ninja action.

2016 Schedule

Friday 24th – Bay Area Mini Jams

  • 12-3pm: Laney College in Oakland, led by Will Turner
  • 12-4pm: Downtown San Jose, led by Matthew Trinidade
  • 2-6pm: Civic Center in San Francisco, led by Charles Asberry
  • 3-7pm:, led by Eric Rubin
  • 5-8pm: in Fair Oaks, led by Chloe Parker
  • 9 pm: Free Open Gym (for Jam attendees) at Bay Area Movement in San Jose
  • Saturday 25th – East Bay Jams

  • 10am-3pm: Mount Diablo Nature Jam
    Use the maps linked to drive to Mount Diablo, then follow the signs for Rock City. There’s a parking lot there. They’ll meet in that parking lot. If you arrive after that, come find everyone jumping on the rocks. Or if you want hike around, go to the summit for a great view. What to bring:
  • Money: There is a small park entrance fee, assessed per vehicle.
  • Water and snacks – Don’t get dehydrated, bring several bottles.
  • Sunscreen, Bug Spray, First Aid Kit
  • Cameras: Video and photo cameras are welcome and there will be spectacular views here. Please be courteous and ask attendees before filming them.
  • Most importantly: Don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure, and a positive attitude.
  • 3-4pm: Lunch
  • 4-8pm: Foothill High School, 4375 Foothill Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588
  • 8pm: BBQ/Potluck/Bonfire at 814 Palomino Dr. Pleasanton CA, 94566
    Time to relax, grub, share thoughts, possibly hand out awards.
  • Sunday 26th – Bunker Jam in SF

  • 12 noon: They will start at Battery Godfrey, then make their way across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin side bunkers and end the day there and at Kirby Cove. Bunkers are at Battery Godfrey, 1 N Court St, San Francisco, California 94129
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