OLLO Sapien Black / Yellow

Ollo Parkour shoes

The New OLLOs will arrive at the end of the month. PRE-ORDER Your NEW OLLO Sapien S - Force Royal!

OLLOs are developed with great Parkour and Freerunning athletes from all over the world. Their inputs and suggestions have been instrumental in shaping the outsole pattern design, degree of cushioning and the material mixture we use in our outsole compound.

The Sapien S is a natural stance shoe that places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground. This natural balance aligns the feet, back and body posture for less impact and strengthens the Achilles and lower calf muscles.

As a zero drop shoe for precision and high tactile sensitivity, OLLO combines high-level functionality with great design philosophy. The OLLOCage and OLLOFlex hinge in the forefoot, and the OLLO0110 HighGrip outsole is developed to provide the highest level of grip and traction in all environments.

OLLO Sapien S now incorporates all of the following new features:
• Stitched toe wrap
• Bonding agents and process
• Lasting board
• 0110 / TACTICAL Insole
• Laces
• Signature Run Everything wristband

Parkour and freerunning now has a shoe that stands up with the "Never Stop Playing" adventure. Be bold in blue.

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