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Parkour training Melbourne

Chippa started training parkour in 2004, and has been training and sharing his skills ever since. As one of the co-founders of the Australian Parkour Association, Chippa has been heavily involved in the development and growth of the Australian parkour community, and was its President for six years. Currently he is President of Melbourne Parkour.

In his training and classes, Chippa often draws upon his experience in the army (infantry and commandoes) and martial arts, as well as his background as a personal trainer and stunt professional.

Parkour encompasses many things Chippa finds important: learning to use your body, being healthy and strong (in mind and body), and using these skills to help others, which he does mostly through teaching.

Amy Han

Amy started her training in 2009, when a friend encouraged her to join a class. She had no idea what parkour was at the time, but her first impression was positive: she loved the challenge of finding her own way over obstacles.

Amy has never been a ‘sporty’ person, but she fell in love with parkour because it demands so much of her mental attention, pushing her to be a better version of herself, as well as being physically challenging. She also loves that it feels like play when so much of life often feels structured and rule-based.

Outside of parkour, Amy is an author and the founder of Creative Write-it, which runs creative writing workshops for young people in Melbourne.

James Hutton

James first became aware of parkour during high school, after seeing this Nike ad. He was immediately drawn to parkour, however it wasn’t until after he graduated from university that he started training. This was in January 2011, and he has been training consistently ever since.

There are several reasons why James trains parkour. He likes the focus on longevity, training in a way that builds strength and health slowly over time and doesn’t wear out your body at a young age. He also likes that it is about practical strength and skills: you’re not focusing on getting abs or bulging biceps, but learning basic human functions like running, jumping and climbing. Most of all, he has stuck to training parkour because it is underpinned by the idea of developing as a person, becoming stronger not just physically but mentally and morally as well.

Before he started training parkour, James studied music and psychology and has worked previously as a guitar teacher and a researcher. These days, training and teaching parkour is his full time job.

When James isn’t training or teaching, he is usually spending time with his wife, drinking tea, eating zaatar pizza, watching movies, or playing board games and tabletop RPGs with his brother and friends.

Source: melbourneparkour.com.au
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