Parkour Visions - 1210 W

Parkour Visions Seattle

Executive Director

Tyson Cecka

Management Team

Brandee Laird, Eric Jusino, Tyson Cecka

Board of Directors

Juliet Vong, Laura Silverstein, Joe McSwiney, Tyson Cecka, Zac Cohn, Carl Cecka, Samuel Wilson

Project Leaders


Run, jump, climb, vault, swing, roll, crawl, have fun and get strong! Parkour Visions is a Seattle nonprofit dedicated to teaching the discipline safely and using it to change lives.


We teach parkour directly to kids and adults through our custom-built gym as well as run a variety of parkour programs for schools and other organization in the greater Seattle area.

Financial Statistics

  • Annual Budget for 2012: $365, 000
  • Annual Budget for 2008: $10, 000
  • Maximum Annual Budget: $365, 000
  • Other funding sources: Memberships and academy income at our parkour gym cover most of our operating costs, including coaching payroll, rent, utilities, and incidentals. Individual donors, community contributions, and corporate sponsorships contribute to our outreach programs and equipment costs including staffing, transportation, and materials.
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