BAM Academy Grand Opening

Austin TX Parkour classes

Mixed Ages (ages 1-5)

As the babies gain hand, arm and trunk control and become mobile, we introduce new and stimulating


This stimulating program introduces balancing, tumbling, hanging and agility skills, which helps the


The gross motor abilities of early 2-year-olds are often characterized by more confident running and


In addition to having fun with structured games, fascinating "Adventures, " and pre-gymnastics, our

Tiny Tykes(3yrs-4½yrs)

With greater independence comes the ability to participate without the parent

(4yrs -6yrs )

"Par-kor". The goal is to use your body to overcome obstacles in the most efficient way possible.


These children are now ready to refine and master basic gross motor skills such as running


This is the first age group at My Gym where perfecting form and mastering sports and gymnastics

(6yrs -9yrs )
Waddlers Gymsters Terrific Tots Mighty Mites
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