Parkour Pants For Kids

Best Parkour shoes for Kids

  • Product Name
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Our Rating
  • Complete Review
  • Under Armour Kids Micro G Velocity RN Sneaker
  • 252 grams
  • 4.25/5
  • 4/5
  • Onitsuka Mexico 66 Slip-on Classic Running Sneaker
  • 283 grams
  • 4.5/5
  • Feiyue High Top Parkour Shoes
  • 190 grams(Approx)
  • 3.75/5
  • 3.5/5
  • New Balance KL574 Grade Lace-Up Running Shoes
  • 175 grams

What is Parkour Training?

Parkour means moving from one place to another, passing over some of the most challenging obstacles, but in a fast and efficient way. Such a path is covered by different traits such as running, climbing, jumping, vaulting, rolling over and much more.

It’s a fascinating, challenging and an incredible sports game that requires only one machinery or equipment and that is the body.

It mostly involves the intense and speedy movements, especially, of the foot. Thus, a person reacts as fast as possible while performing the body movements.

Is Parkour Safe For The Kids?

Nothing in the world comes off the hook. There is always a risk factor involved whether low or high. Like riding a bike may meet with a brake fail or accident, the person doing front flips can get injured.

For example, playing cricket without helmet or gloves is not a good idea as one can get injuries but using such safety equipment can reduce the risk. It’s all about risk management involved in a task.

Thus, kids should do parkouring but using proper security measures and under individual coach guidance. If your child shows any sign of interest in the Parkour, let him go as it will not only develops his physical fitness but also enhances his mental strength and confidence to face challenges as he grows up.

Factors To Consider While Selecting Parkour Shoes For Kids

As we discussed earlier, parkour involves severe and quick body movements. But the movements of the foot are at the most. So, if a kid belongs to Parkour, its must that he/she must have worn the right pair of shoes to protect the feet from getting injuries. So, here I provide you the essential factors that one should consider before purchasing any Parkour shoe pair for your kids:

1.The Shoe Sole: First, the sole of the shoe must be thin as It is a must for balancing and rail techniques. Besides, it also provides greater sensitivity that is a must for a Parkour runner as he has to feel the landing.

Secondly, the sole must be single-piece with thin cushioning as they are more durable than multi-layered soles. Not only the latter are less durable but also gets ripped off quickly. Besides the rubber sole must not be too hard as it will reduce the traction that is risky for a traceur. It must be made of soft compounds as they provide greater grip holdings.

2.Arches Must Lean You Forward: As parkouring aims at reaching a certain destination within the shortest possible time, runners put their weight in the forward direction to move fast while running and jumping. They have to make the quick landings as soon as they can. Such involvement requires arches in the shoe that help them to move quick when they lean their weight forward.

So, when you choose to buy a thick sole shoe pair, must check the arch. In a thin shoe pair, no need to check this feature. Also, see whether there is any plastic arch in the shoe. If yes, put the pair aside as they are very slippery, and runner may get injured heavily during bad landings.

3.Shoe Weight:

As a runner has to handle his body weight, thus, wearing heavy shoes only reduces his efficiency to perform and makes him tired soon. So, one should buy light-weighted shoes to achieve speedy performances.

4.Shoe Fitting: Obviously, it is a must that the shoe you purchase fit your feet snugly otherwise the pair you bought is useless. If the shoe size is larger, the foot can meet with injuries while having the impact with obstacles. If the shoe size is significant than required, the foot may slip or twist while running or jumping. Similarly, if the shoe size is too tight, it may pinch your foot because foot spread outs when lands on something.

So, it requires a little room to adjust itself. There should be a breathable space in the shoe, especially, at the toe area and heel portion to eliminate the chances of getting slipped or injured.

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