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By Jonathan Tapp

You've watched the movies and the YouTube videos with the amazing athletes leaping across buildings, vaulting over ledges, and flying through their environments with ease. It's amazing and you want to start doing it!

But how do YOU get started in parkour??

Well after you read this article you will know the two best ways to get started into parkour. Both have their pros and cons and one or the other will be a better fit for different people. But one of them will lead to you learning parkour.

#1 Use The Internet And Community To Learn On Your Own For Free

The First way you can learn is by using all the free resources around you and basically teach yourself.

You can find alot of great tutorials online and on YouTube

You can surf the web for big parkour hubs and forums to ask questions, find out great information from people all over the world, and try to find local groups in your area that get together to train

How to parkour, about parkour, parkour You can get on facebook and search for local parkour groups

Sometimes you can even find out about local parkour meetups and training groups by just typing in your location followed by the word "parkour" in Google and find some great information and knowledgable people to learn from and help get you started.

Here are some great parkour sites with big forums to meet others, stay updated, and get additional help with parkour.


You can find out alot of great information for FREE.

People in the parkour community are usually very open and accepting of people just getting started


It can be hard to find good information from a credible source. You could ended up learning the wrong techniques, develop bad habits, or worse get seriously injured from learning the wrong form

Sometimes it's hard to find locals that you can train with regularly and it's even harder to find talented seasoned traceurs to really teach you everything in a reasonable amount of time. People are busy and meetups with really talented guys can be rare and they certainly won't be purely focused on teaching you

#2 Pay For Professional Instruction

You can search for credible parkour instructors in your area online or contact local martial arts and gymnastics gyms. Some gyms provide parkour classes.

This way you make sure to learn from a knowledgeable source and you learn it much quicker and safer.

You will learn everything correct. There is no worrying about whether you are doing something wrong or developing poor form that leads to injury.

You will learn everything twice as fast. Things that could take you months or years to learn will take you weeks.

It costs money. Depending on where you go or who you have instructing you it could cost $15 or $20 a session with a class of people.

It could still be very hard to find credible instructors around your area, at this point in time there just aren't that many out there.


I learned the first way. Back when I started Parkour, it was so new I really didn't have a choice because there were no instructors in my area or online courses. But this can be a great fit for some people to learn.

If you are already pretty athletic, it comes more natural to you, you're good at motivating yourself, you have a good group of guys that train that you can befriend in your area, and you don't mind a little trail and error with things, I would highly suggest going this route first before spending money.

But for those of us that it doesn't come as natural to, that don't really know anyone around us to learn from that are very skilled, or that just want to learn it right now, fast, and without some trail and error, then I would highly suggest finding an instructor in your area. It will cost some money but will be completely worth it.

If route number two sounds like the best option for you, you should definitely check out my Crash Course into Parkour Program here

For either option you should sign up for my free membership area where you get 10 Free "How To Parkour" videos to get you started in Parkour!

Source: www.learnmoreparkour.com
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